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Log 12


03/09/2023 -- 9:28AM

marx in 2023

03/06/2023 -- 11:57PM

i'm sorry but bridget coming back to the series after years
of not being there did something to my brain lol
02/26/2023 -- 11:37AM

the labour shortage doesn't exist
02/06/2023 -- 10:16AM

02/05/2023 -- 12:03PM

02/02/2023 -- 10:21AM

01/26/2023 --12:12PM

cosplay xD

01/12/2023 --10:44AM

bedman then faputa

01/07/2023 --5:55PM


01/06/2023 --12:44PM

Lucid 32 sample (´・ω・`)
01/05/2023 --6:32PM

01/05/2023 --1:42PM

01/03/2023 --6:31PM

01/02/2023 --8:59PM

uh wuah ??
01/01/2023 --10:02PM

bedman from guilty gear, sleeping in the trenches
12/31/2022 --11:39AM

12/29/2022 --10:26PM

Bridget (guilty gear),
Happy Chaos (guilty gear) and Faputa (Made in Abyss),
12/29/2022 --1:52PM

was going to be in colour, but then went for a more "dreamy" vibe.
12/28/2022 --9:43PM

have to play this game every christmas
12/25/2022 -- 4:32PM

feeling like the wasp lady from harvester rn
12/23/2022 -- 6:21PM

gg bedman
12/23/2022 -- 1:05PM

winter bridget modern and alternate timeline mitsuo kubo
12/21/2022 -- 2:55PM

12/15/2022 -- 10:40AM

randal and facility
12/14/2022 -- 8:15PM

12/13/2022 -- 12:17PM

bedman vs ouma kokichi who will win
12/11/2022 -- 10:53AM

hey chimata
12/09/2022 -- 5:52PM

guilty gears....bedman....kokichi..uuuuuu ( ´・ω・)
12/08/2022 -- 12:06PM

it was nuts
12/07/2022 -- 4:28PM

some hecatia lapislazulis that I did before and posting for
belated hecatia day ´・ω・` always miss the days...
12/07/2022 -- 10:11AM

whoever is reading this by chance, and are autistic, schizophrenic,
have anxiety disorder, have adhd, ocd and/or any kind of
neurodivergency and struggling with
mental well being and existing ,
that you are strong. The stigma and ignorance
is hard to deal with from most of
society who haven't tried to open their mind on understanding how
it is to live everyday with these
conditions and having to hide them as best at possible on
top of that, but know that
you're okay...that you just have to take it
one step at a time at your own pace.
And you are valuable because you exist
to begin with, and that's all,
regardless of what value people in society try to assign to you to
determine your worth.

I feel these days are a difficult task for
a lot of people right now, myself included,
so I just felt the need to say this in support,
So don't have to feel isolated
in how you feel, because your experiences are not
something only you have to go through.

´・ω・so please, take your time and have fun in any way
possible no matter how small and relax.
we can do it together in spirit,

while also doing our best ~ ´・ω・
12/06/2022 -- 6:15PM

i like the dinosaur happy chaos design
12/06/2022 -- 5:27PM

nyen catman sketches 🐈
12/05/2022 -- 2:09PM

randal, with happy chaos from guilty gear xD
12/04/2022 -- 1:47PM

bedman from guilty gear
12/03/2022 -- 4:13PM

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