23:11 feb.19.2020

16:08 feb.26.2020

When was younger my mom ordered this software
from the scholastic book form called "programming for kids BASIC"
or something similar to that.
It was for making small simple games using the programming language BASIC.
It had steps and lessons with narration and text
When tried looking for it now, cannot find any trace of it. Like it never existed
It makes you think of the things you used to do,
no longer exist on the internet in any form, and like it never existed
Even though people now use C,
C+, python, etc and BASIC is no longer used as much or mentioned perhaps
(I couldn't remember the language the software
used until It came to me one day because of the pun BASIC/simple), I remember it being
fun to learn and use to make some very primitive games for own amusement.
I think also since it was a software sold through
our school system perhaps it was not widely distributed.
A lot of times people would say if it was
on the internet or uploaded digitally it was there forever, which is not the case sometimes

Maybe it's like a lament to things remember doing but
no one else knows or experienced it.
It's like you have need to perhaps recreate it

Which in ways maybe is also why its good
there's a way to make websites like these again

09:28 feb.14.2020

not available

13:13 feb.01.2020


20:48 jan.31.2020

14:36 jan.26.2020

21:22 jan.15.2020

20:45 jan.07.2020

-- -- - - - --time is meaningless

22:05 December 23.2019

22:45 December 21.2019

10:08 December 14.2019

10:30 November 16.2019

13:44 November 15.2019

15:40 November 08.2019

"The Frightful Five, better known as Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and Facebook."

21:32 October 26.2019

There is this feeling. Like something bad is going to happen.
Or rather specifically, something bad has already happened to someone. Like a death.
It's this feeling like intuition but there's no logic for it. Like psychic ability. Maybe more than one person or people or animals.
I don't think death is necessarily bad
But it is like being hidden from.
Trying to shake it away because its not logcial to feel like this so hoping its wrong.

23:57 October 20.2019

23:47 October 20.2019

14:18 October 19.2019

20:44 October 11.2019

spa night
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21:46 August 25.2019

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19:19 August 13.2019

19:40 July 11.2019

22:51 July 09.2019

14:11 July 07.2019

Went outside. Overstimulated but its okay. If I don't go outside I don't
feel good either way. The horror shop was cool.
Got pokemon transfer pak for n64. Hands feel dirty. Rest will write in my private diary.

18:06 July 05.2019

Ok. Uh...Rat God. I need a new ear on the right and also please fix my tooth.
It isn't too bad but you know.
Thought to give it a shot. Oh my god.

22:58 July 03.2019

someone is whistling outside somewhere at night again

22:34 June 30.2019

20:41 June 21.2019

so calm

and it all comes down
08:59 June 14.2019

a World peace 1 a

20:16 June 11.2019

11:47 June 10.2019

19:28 June 02.2019

21:00 May 31.2019

09:47 May 27.2019

There is two movies (well one of them, the other might have been a tv show)
that scared me a lot as a kid
and when growing up, but cannot find out what the titles of these movies are.
The first one was a movie that begun as what I think was an older time setting,
where a young man is walking with a girl along a train track.
His boot lace gets stuck in the track
and he can't get it out or his foot out of his boot.
There is a train coming and the girl is screaming and he does die,
since the next scene is something of a mourning or funeral scene.

I have no idea what the rest of the movie was even about, but I remember that beginning part
and the fear of watching someone you love about to die to be terrifying.
The cover of the vhs tape had a green apple and a red apple on it on a white background.

The next was when I was older but it also took place in an older time
(I don't know if it was when the salem witch trials took place, or after)
where a girl, father and mother are in their house and a mob is approaching.

The mother hides the young girl somewhere and she hides in the attic,
the father tries to stop the mob
but they get past him and get the mother and take her out to the yard and
hang her on the tree (because she was a witch?)
which the girl witnesses from inside the house.
All I remember after is that right after that it starts to take place in the modern time,
but also don't remember anything else that takes place and whether or not
I even watched much after,
even though I feel that I did, I have no recollection of anything after that.

This was on a random tv channel, so I don't have any dvd cover or anything to remember by.
It was scary and intrusive when a scene would keep replaying
in my mind over and over,
especially as a kid, and you'd have to really focus on something
else to try to get it out.

It's also interesting when movies that aren't horror had moments like these that were
scarier because they really lingered in your thoughts

22:04 May 16.2019

14:48 May 16.2019