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july.12.2020 18:45

july.07.2020 12:31

A visitor approaches

july.04.2020 13:15

july.03.2020 10:28

healing tiem

june.29.2020 11:29

When its time for another chronic pain saga and all you can do is : }

june.28.2020 13:15

june.27.2020 11:36

Shows up to dry grad like this.

june.26.2020 21:38

eat, you must eat it all.

june.25.2020 // 09:27

june.24.2020 // 08:29

june.23.2020 // 10:00

june.22.2020 // 08:58

An old photo. But it is bringing back good feelings.
When this game was announced for remake,
that morning had everyone telling me about it
So I think its assumed from a
consensus that I very much like this game.

Which I do.

june.21.2020 // 13:18

june.20.2020 // 11:57

june.19.2020 // 16:43

june.19.2020 // 11:29

june.18.2020 // 20:48

june.17.2020 // 18:43

june.16.2020 // 10:08

june.15.2020 // 10:02

Got to make it count

june.14.2020 // 12:57

june.13.2020 // 11:04


june.12.2020 // 09:34

This is...

june.11.2020 // 16:06

amazing grace

june.10.2020 // 10:48

"why are you playing Sonic 2 on a SNES?"

"I wanted to measure my abilities"

june.09.2020 // 12:35

lain drawing

june.07.2020 // 13:22

Coworker wants me to make a sans undertale plush

june.05.2020 // 11:19

Today I finished my writing in my physical diary.
Which is something don't think have ever accomplished before, to the very end.
Guess there is a lot to think and talk about.
But now will have to find another book.

june.03.2020 // 18:00

After the creation of the luther statue, it has been on my mind of
how it looks specifically.
When I was a very young kid, my mom would take me sometimes
to the furniture store in my hometown called chintz and company.
It wasn't any basic furniture store; it was like going into a fantasy land.
There would be a lot of handcrafted items and sculptures,
and I specifically remember wooden crafts
big and small and large of rustic tigers
and other animals.
The way they were painted, like the lines on their paws,
remind me of how I paint the lines of the fingers on luther's hands.
And the way they did the eyes had an energy on how primordial they resembled.
This store also had a lot of sun god motifs, which my mom brought home.
These kind of old memories and old-world designs have seeped into my mind


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