"Yes, I Was Indeed Transported to Another World,
In Fact It Happened To Be Inside of a Game
I used to Play All the Time
When I Was A Kid On a 16-bit Console,
And Not Only That, I Was Reincarnated As
A Low-Tier Aquatic Enemy In An Underwater Level!!"

[~I Wasn't Even Reincarnated Into the Second Game, Which Is the Best One in the Series~]

Author: unknown


...Who I am, or what I am doesn't exactly matter too much.

To be honest, even my previous past life's death doesn't even have that much meaning either,
or else I would have been reincarnated into a world that has men with missing teeth
threatening to stab me with needles in it or something like that.
No, my last death I don't see has anything to do with the current situation I am in.
But I can give a little bit of insight of what I was doing just before it was over, to only perhaps give some background.

I was just living each day from one day to the next, without a real goal or plan in sight anymore.
I just began to live everyday just living in the moment,
and I was fine with that. After the start of the new year,
I had realized by my age that it was too late for me to really get into something and pay also for a living,
so why not live just enjoying the little things that life had to offer? I just was never suited out for competition,
and that's probably something that's just part of my core personality.
At the time, that was the best choice I could make to survive and not go crazy and perish myself
within the society I was surviving in.

I do used to remember thinking about how, if only I had been born as a human far,
far more advanced in the future than the time period I was in,
then things would probably had been a lot more different for me and other people's living standards and quality of life.
But for that previous life, simply I was just born into a time when things just
weren't advanced enough related to human society and work-life balance, and what can you really even do about that?

Anyways, that's all in the past. And I can never go back to that life,
or even want to experience it again. What's done is done.
What's amazing though, is that in this present incarnation,
I can still remember my past life...
so far! But when I was in my past incarnation, I couldn't really remember any other past lives,
except for fragments in my dreams, but I never connected the two,
and how could I have when humans from that period don't even understand fully what dreams are.
I must have had many, many lives now that I think about it.
Maybe sometime in the future, I will be able to start remembering more and more incarnations
as if one consciencious instead of separated and fragmented memories between different personas.

As for what I am now, is something that doesn't even seem real but from everything I can gather and understand
so far that I have been conscious of my existence,
is that this is in fact reality; I have been reincarnated inside of one of the games I used to play when I was a kid!

...Which is, to say the least, seemingly impossible or hard to understand,
because like most people from that time period, I didn't even know or understand the concept
that I could be even reincarnated into a literal video game.

In my past life, in that reality, it was common knowledge that video games
weren't technically real, in that they were just things created by people for entertainment,
and that the objects within those screens did not have any sentience;
not even that of a single-celled organism to compare to.
They weren't tangible places, only fictionous.
There was a clear distinction between reality and non-reality (well for most, but for some there really wasn't)

Even to me, this changes everything now that I had previously have thought would be possible.

If I try to imagine other's reactions to this scenario, it would be similar to how I started processing my situation;
"Wow, I'm in one of the video games I really liked! This is so much better than the daily grind of mundane normal life!"

But things start to fall apart, or perhaps into place,
when the realization hits that you don't even get to be the main character,
or your own individual person, but rather, you're the low-class forgettable enemy among many just like you.
It also starts to hit when I realize that I don't even really have control over
anything that I can do."


...prologue end.