Randal's Friends Stickers, for Telegram Applications.

Telegram is a chat program for desktop and mobile. In it you can have sticker sets you can paste and use in chat,
just like chatting programs such as LINE. These stickers are easy to download, just click the link to install them into
your Telegram preferences. This will load them with easy use.

-Telegram download link

-Click here to download the Randal and Friends Sticker Pack into your Telegram program.

**For other uses, can use these as set-alone profile pictures or whichever digital space you may want to use them in,
there is a zip folder containing all of the images of the set for download.

***********.rar file***********

More images are within the .rar file

BW Randal's Friends Stickers

~~contains 25 stickers. randal/sebastian/tsukada satoru themed.~~

download to telegram

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Other Stickers~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Gordon Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares (12 pic pack)

Click here to download.

Touhou Reiiden The Highly Responsive to Prayers Sticker Set (8 pack)

Click here to download.
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