Lovely Hand-Made Ouija Board. -Randal's dolls edition-


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Hand-made Ouija Board -Randal Edition- for a loving home!

Price: $150.00CAD$30.00CAD (shipping costs further below).

Quantity: 1

Available: Yes

Please read all of description before considering to purchase

Hello, this is a listing for one-of-a-kind hand-painted traditional Ouija Board, featuring characters such as Randal, doll heads, and Sebastian

Design features included are doll faces for the sun and the moon, yay and nay above each symbol in old English.
There is a Sebastian in the corner of the GOOD-BYE, looking like he's going through the woods.
Various doll heads with red stars on their heads, and 3 Randal's at the top.

Has been tested and verified to work.
However because of the nature of the paint there is some bumps on parts so planchettes
and other tools might not glide across as nicely as a smoother/digital printed board but still works.
Can be seen as a tool for communication,
divination, etc or works just fine as an art piece on its own.

This is made of acrylic paint on a 12x16 wood panel with matte varnish on top.


---!!Does NOT include a Planchette.
Coins or small table glasses work just as well if do not have a Planchette.

-Has never been outside in public and only used minimally for testing purposes.
Do not have to press hard on the tool you're using on the board as it may scratch or damage the board. It should lightly glaze over the board if touching lightly.

-Please note the seller is not responsible for anything resulting in the occult or psychological effects, etc of this item.

-Though tested, each individual experience may greatly vary.

Not recommended using outside of decoration purposes if depressed, have weak-will/spiritual strength/mental strength, etc.

If you want to purchase this item, please send an email to to inquire!
I will let you know of the status of the item and if it is still available.
Payments all processed through Paypal only. Returns are an available option within 14 days of receiving item.
Buyer is responsible for shipping costs and item must be in same condition as sold in.

~Shipping cost estimates~
Within Canada: $12-$22CAD depending on location. Expected arrival 2-10 business days. With tracking.
International: $14-30CAD depending on location and country.
Expected arrival to US 10 business days. Other countries 30-60 business days expected.
Please note International does not include tracking.

item will stay up for sale until it is bought.

Thank you for looking at this lovely item.