updated 2019-11-17

Here thee here thee, these be new items for sale
We have stickers and magnets, all made by hand including drawing and colouring.

Click a packet to see the contents inside.



Base price: $7.00CAD per pack for either stickers or magnets.

**Shipping Costs:**

*note if you buy several items it can be included in same package*

$2.00CAD lettermail 1-2 weeks business days delivery.

United States:
$3.50CAD up to 2 weeks business days delivery.

$5.00CAD delivery time is based on your own country's postal service. Estimated around 2 weeks to a month.

If you are interested in obtaining one of these items, please leave a basic enquiry at donksey56@gmail.com
Because there is only one of each, the item you may be requesting may be sold, however will let you know in the email.
An invoice via paypal will be sent for available items.

Accepts only paypal for online transactions

Have a good day