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[[Come and see one and (all).
This handmade plush resembles the image of randal ivory and is made out of out several materials such as felt,
the super soft minky and pleather.
The insides are a mix of rice and polyester filling.

A vintage design and look. This plush can sit on its own]]

Dimensions: aprox 10cm tall, 13 cm wide as a stand alone.

Base cost: $35.00CAD

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Shipping information:

**Canada**: $10.00CAD-$17.00CAD. If you are in Canada the price will change depending on your province and distance.

**United States:**
  • $17.50CAD small air packet unregistered up to 2 weeks delivery (not including business days)
  • $22.50CAD Tracked Packet 5-6business days with tracking,

  • approx $20.00CAD small packet international surface 30-60 business days estimated
  • There is option for tracked shipping for 7 business day arrival however it is usually around the $65.00CAD range.

    If you are interested in obtaining this item, please leave a basic enquiry at donksey56@gmail.com.
    If it is still available, will send an invoice via paypal.

    Accepts only paypal for online transactions
    **this item is not actually haunted (or yet)

    Thank you for your eyes