Full name: Sebastian de Tomato Smith Chicken Legs
Species: human. maybe some other things too in there now haa. But always at the core will be human~

Known skills: He is one of those humans who doesn't think he's funny but he is funny. Not all humans have the skill of being quite so entertaining,
so that's something! He's good at running usually. It's pretty fun.
Running around the house is good exercise. Did you know? If humans' hearts beat too fast they can die, but he's not a regular human hahhaha.

Likes: putting kraft dinner down because everyone likes that don't they. Having water refilled. Soft things...towels, sponges, pillows, velvet. uu uu.
Dislikes: Thunderclaps (PROBABLY) like most humans. Maybe tofu too. I will put some on his food plate later and see.
It will be the trial of the tofu of the night of 12021111202 cycle 444! (audience cheers, woman crying of laughter, falls over). If he likes it though will add it to the likes section. And Luther probably. But that guy is the worst so its understandable. There's some people who likes ghosts and finding them but Sebastian is just not one of them. Sebastian is pretty normal.

DANGER LEVEL: Depending on who you are and the circumstance. Don't say I didn't warn you you idiot. He has potential.


-He'd probably hate plain tofu, but there's many things you can do with tofu, right? Millions of different possibilities if you sit down and think about it. So there's got to be a kind he likes. Let's see now.