well well well hello mortal...
you've wandered off the trail and into my art domain.
This is a gallery of all my artworks that I have created with my hands when I had nothing
yet again to do and all my friends are dead.
Everything here I made using MS PAINT and a lot of it is in the anime style .
If this offends you then I highly suggest you leave now.


a study of the opening of an anime I like.
Don't know why I did this, but its on a part where the pictures change very fast,
so its a study of a subliminal picture.

This is actually, believe it or not, the second picture I did! Because MS PAINT
crashed on me again!! So instead of going to sleep I stayed up until I did it again.
Hou..This reminds me Why I don't like to draw eyes...
Oh yeah, I showed this to my brother, and his only comment was "well we all want to be in a fairyland, don't we????"
I don't need to hear about it

Anyways haha ^_^;

[random girl from chip bag]

the backstory of this was one night I went to the convenience store as I always do,
since It's one of my haunts, but there was this new food on the shelf.
It had this anime girl on it, but not like from anything.

It looked kind of cheaply designed too, like it wasn't real.
Or a chimera of things the person saw were stuck together
into this character on this chip bag to try to make it appealing.
Well it worked, suffice to say.

[dodd's furniture]

There was a rumour going around a while back that some people went into dodd's furniture and
mattresses and they saw him sleeping on the beds, just in the store.
Only a very few amount know of this.

[the best one yet]

Feast your eyes on this.
Not too shabby. Heh, I guess I'm really on a roll with this, eh.
The real fun begins now

[fanart of jesus christ]

I don't care what they say, jesus is probably one of
my favourite characters in the New Testament.
There's a reason some characters are popular, okay.
I showed it to my brother when I was done, and he said
"I don't know. I don't know it makes me feel crazy".



I had no idea what to draw, or what I was doing.
So I drew one of my shoes.
But it was boring so I added flowers.
It's okay. Oh I wrote my signature on it in case someone steals it.
You can never be too careful around here.
But I'm too lazy to do it to my other works ^_^;;

About this

Okay I don't know what the fuck this is I didn't draw it, but whoever did,
congratulations on this depiction of me beating Luther out of the water ku ku ku

I can stare at it all day

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