*~~***~~~dream diary~~~***~~~*

The other half of reality

I'm in charge of operating the Drop Tower at this amusement park.
Because its a different season, there are some rides you have to pay
with tokens over cash. There's these kids that really want to go on this ride
I want to go on the
rollercoaster later, because at night it will be nice
with all the lights attached to it. It costs a bit more
than other rides, as it is $2.00 instead of $1.00.
Walking around in some back yard area and there's a low, 1 story house that
looks a bit depreciated and a female friend goes inside to have sex with
some older woman she doesn't know on some unmade
mattress and I realize what is happening so I don't look and then start to walk away
and then she comes out acting all annoyed for some reason.
There is a water tower thing in the park that you can
see from anywhere and people love to look at it, and
I never end up on the rollercoaster in the end.

-class: dream
-keys: rollercoaster
I lost my bus pass when getting off of the train as it fell down into the tracks.
I should've tried harder to retrieve it, because I kept going on.
But now life is a lot harder without it, I really should've tried harder, I feel like crying.

-class: dream
-keys: bus pass

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