*~~***~~~dream diary~~~***~~~*

The other half of reality

This song played in my dream last night, and it was very clear it was this song, so
when I woke up, I listen to it on repeat (´・ω・`)
It's such a cool song that makes me want to do things. ( ´・ω・` )

-class: dream
-keys: music
I am going to a cannabis dispensary, and inside there is a cabinet left open that
has oreos inside. I could just take these because no one is paying attention,
but that would be bad, so I wait for someone to come around.
Someone, this lady who looks very stoic, asks for my ID at the counter, and I pull
out my ID, but it got cut off at the bottom somehow,
like someone took scissors
to my ID and made it so some information is cut out. I don't know
what happened, and the lady says to me if I wait a while she can drive to my
home to get another ID and come back to the store,
but I live in this other city, and she's like yeah....that is far.
So I leave to come back later, to see a friend of mine on the street.
We meet up and I see there is an "amateur voice acting for
doujinshi characters and etc" club inside of this otherwise low-traffic mall,
so I go to that. This person in the group of chairs
does their best line delivery of a touhou character, and I think they got the
pronounciation quite well, although the group leader says that perhaps
they spoke a little bit fast. My friend wants to go
even though I'm having fun here and developing
a skill.

-class: dream
-keys: dispensary, club, otaku, food, ID
Someone is knocking on my door, and through the lens I can see it
is someone who is looking for someone that's been in my place.
I've hurt someone, someone old, and I don't know if
they are dead or not in my apartment, because I can't find them.
I let this person in and is looking for them,
and I look over the rail of the balcony to see if perhaps this missing
person has fallen. They are then found underneath this bed in
the living room, and they are in bad condition, but still
breathing lightly, so that's good. Apparently, I have been labelled as attempted
murderer of this old person, and so I cannot leave my apartment, and there
is a lot of things I cannot do in terms of recreational activities.
I phone my Nana and a woman picks up instead,
and I ask if on the weekend I can visit her.
I have to explain that why I attacked is that I had a psychotic breakdown/episode,
although I'm not sure if I believe that entirely myself, but so far its the only thing
that makes sense. The woman says will have to see.
There are other people in my apartment suite, I guess to monitor me.
There are some arcade cabinets too that they can play
on but I can't because I don't have an access card. I start
feeling very restless because my only entertainment is
looking out the balcony window and peeing in a bucket and just talking to
myself and pacing around.

-class: dream
-keys: house arrest, criminal activity, violence, paranoia, intense, nana
there's a family that's lived in this house in my area forever now. The girl who lives
there really likes being my friend a lot, but because her family are murderers,
I am going to report to the police and get them arrested I guess.
This girl doesn't want this, so she turns back time
before the events of them being arrested, and I can't use my phone or computer
techs properly now, because she can also manipulate that aspect as well I'm

She is very hyper and energetic and when trying to get away from her she is there
and asking what I'm doing/how I'm feeling and anything that
happens she can just change time backwards anyways. I try to lose her within
this hospital/apartment building space but she can
just track where I am and appear whenever and wherever she wants,
and can change history, and she wants to play
with me non-stop...

-class: dream
-keys: girl, powers, fate, murderers, time, house
I check my library account and I have $97.35 in fines.
I'm in shock because its so much money, and I'm wondering if its because
I forgot about a book and didn't return it for a while.
But also remembering them talking about how they are doing away with fines
for the most part, so I'm confused. Now my options are to talk to a human again at
the library, or not use it, or pay it off.

-class: dream
-keys: library, money
I'm in charge of operating the Drop Tower at this amusement park.
Because its a different season, there are some rides you have to pay
with tokens over cash. There's these kids that really want to go on this ride
I want to go on the
rollercoaster later, because at night it will be nice
with all the lights attached to it. It costs a bit more
than other rides, as it is $2.00 instead of $1.00.
Walking around in some back yard area and there's a low, 1 story house that
looks a bit depreciated and a female friend goes inside to have sex with
some older woman she doesn't know on some unmade
mattress and I realize what is happening so I don't look and then start to walk away
and then she comes out acting all annoyed for some reason.
There is a water tower thing in the park that you can
see from anywhere and people love to look at it, and
I never end up on the rollercoaster in the end.

-class: dream
-keys: rollercoaster
I lost my bus pass when getting off of the train as it fell down into the tracks.
I should've tried harder to retrieve it, because I kept going on.
But now life is a lot harder without it, I really should've tried harder, I feel like crying.

-class: dream
-keys: bus pass

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