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The entrance. He is already inside

The graveyard before the sun setted. It's an old graveyard but none of the tombstones stick out so it all looks very flat.
Randal is basking.

Think it was a freshly made grave that didn't have it's plate yet so they used a stick.

There's some houses behind the fence of the graveyard. Even houses right by the graveyard go for near a million dollars.
There's a bench in the graveyard and have seen into people's houses just because they kept their windows open.
But they can't see us because it's dark out here. They think no one is here. It's kind of funny.

There was a statue here on the bench. Don't know if it was supposed to be there or not, but randal enjoyed their company.
It was like animal crossing.

This one grave had nice flowers and some led lights. In the end didn't really see anything.

Outside of the graveyard as randal's energy got lowered.
Back then thought I sensed something, so put randal there to pose. Well it really was nothing

Next time when go to graveyard, will take a picture of more of the grave plates and names.